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March 26, 2012

20 SAT Vocabulary Words You Absolutely Must Know

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20 SAT Words You Absolutely Must Know


terse – brief; to the point; not using many words


ambivalent – not able to make up one’s mind; not sure; vacillating between two choices


disparage – say something not nice about someone or something; criticize


mitigate – soften; lessen the severity


advocate – speak or work on someone’s behalf


underscore – underline; highlight; reinforce


aesthetic – having to do with beauty or physical appeal


pragmatic – practical


undermine – make things worse for someone; weaken the floor under someone


analogy – form of comparison (hand is to glove like head is to hat)


anecdote – a brief, personal little story, often mildly amusing


credible – believable


idiosyncrasy (idiosyncratic) – quirks; individual odd way of doing something


plausible – possible


condescension (condescending) – looking down on someone; talking to someone as if he is inferior


indifferent – not caring; makes no difference


atypical – not typical


demise – death


contemporary – happening at the same time as something else; someone who lived at the same time as someone else


peril – danger

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